Enjoy up to 6% off accommodation on booking.com when you use your Visa card. Go to booking.com/6visaeurope and use the promo code: VISABKNG to unlock the offer. 

Valid until 31 December 2024.

  1. Up to 6% off on accommodation, bookings are available to Visa credit and debit cardholders from 1 October 2023 - 31 December 2024 through dedicated URL booking.com/6visaeurope4
  2. Offer varies between 3% up to 6% based on the total transaction value of the booking.
  3. Customers who select ‘Pay at property’ will not be eligible for an Instant Reward. 
  4. Access code has to be applied on the banner to unlock the deal. 
  5. Access code must be applied at the time the booking is made and cannot be retroactively applied after a booking is confirmed. 
  6. Customers have to select a property with a green badge mentioning ‘Get X£ off’ to be eligible for an Instant Reward. 
  7. Only bookings made through the Offer Landing Page are eligible for this promotion. 
  8. Bookings made through the Booking.com app or Booking.com direct are not eligible for this promotion. 
  9. Cancelled and “no show” bookings are not eligible. Taxes and other fees and charges may not be taken into account for the calculation of the final reward. 
  10. The final reward is subject to the exchange rate. 
  11. Accommodations that do not accept credit cards are not eligible for the offer. These are accommodations that only accept cash as a mode of payment and do not have a “Instant Reward” badge displayed on their listing. 
  12. The offer is subject to the terms and conditions of Booking.com. In case of dispute, the decision of Booking.com and Visa shall be final. 
  13. All conditions of the promotion must be met at the time the booking is made; no retroactive claims will be allowed. 
  14. These terms are to be read together with the complete conditions of use here and here and any other terms that apply to your trip. In the event of an inconsistency or discrepancy about the contents of these summarized conditions of use then the complete conditions of use (, to the extent permitted by law, shall apply, prevail, and be conclusive. For inquiries and concerns about the offer, you may call Booking.com Customer Service at https://www.booking.com/content/contact-us.html